36 China Town

I saw the trailers of the movie with their song ‘A aa ashiqui mein teri’ some fifteen days back and liked Kareena kapoor’s new tanned look, Upen Patel’s groovy moves and ofcourse the catchy number. Though I had read at many places that a special video had been shot with Shahid and Kareena, but Shahid was a miss in that trailer except for two - three close shots. That was a huge disappointment given the fact that only Upen’s face was being sold in the first promo along with Kareena (in the song).

Just when I had started to humm the song, they throw a remixed version on to me. Today I saw the new trailer, the full song, with faster beats and with equal division of screen time among Shahid Kapoor, Upen Patel and Akshaye Khanna (yes he is there in the movie too!!).

Must admit that all those allegations of Kareena looking aunty in front of Shahid proves true 😛 . Shahid’s training under Shiamak davar seems to have paid off. He looks amazing and at ease with his awesome dancing moves. While Kareena seems to be making a hell lot of effort and sorry to say, they all seem futile.

Somebody please tell Akshaye how horrible he looks with his wig and he should stay miles away from dancing. His forte is acting and he should stick to it. Upen looks yummy. Afterall being a model helps. Atleast look wise. His acting calibre can be judged only once I get to see the movie. Am looking forward to it now.

Is it the Himesh reshamiya trend thats being followed of producing a remix of an original song by the music directors themselves?? I guess I need to check the facts, for all i know, maybe the music director is none other than our very own Mr. Himesh Reshamiya.

Update : Yes music is by Himesh Reshamiya. Infact the song also has been sung by him. Confirmed through this article. I am beginning to wonder who will win the Best singers filmfare this year. To be on the safer side I will place my bet on Himesh and hope and pray that I am proved wrong!!

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  1. anil says:

    yeah saw the movie and totally agree with all your comments just one more thing i liked upen patel’s presence in the movie.

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