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Yet another day at work…

A half empty or a half full bottle of water on the desk strokes of an irritable hindi song in the background people ready to rust in their chairs time seems to have died in our neighbourhood today Anticipating a … Continue reading

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Post 588 – Living in Mumbai

Why this peculiar post name? Well thats how this post was saved in my drafts for a very long time and I am feeling too lazy to change it to anything else now. The post earlier had a list of … Continue reading

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And Shiney is back !

Yes… you heard me right. Shiney Ahuja is back in B-town. And in case you are wondering how the hell do I know, well well, did I forget to mention earlier that he stays in my complex? Well ….ok now … Continue reading

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Happy New Year guys !

And another one goes by… but this one just flew… I dunno whether its married life or this city that you feel that lifes zipping past you. Loads was done, accomplished, learnt, felt, regretted…last year. Hopefully this year too there … Continue reading

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