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Into the wild…

Its been a while since I wrote anything. A lot has happened in the past couple of days. Life has changed tremendously. Last month this time I was anxious about the uncertain future. Today, I have a somewhat certain future. … Continue reading

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I had so many posts lying in my drafts, which were getting just way too much. So I decided it was cleanup time ! It was time I got rid of them. Deleted a few and published a few. I … Continue reading

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Post # 507

The post is titled so, cos for long its been in the draft with just that title, as I never gave it any. So for a change I thought I’d just let it be that way. The more selfless it … Continue reading

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The problem with me

I think aloud I speak my mind I dont think and speak I love and let it be known I dont manipulate in relationships I dont hide stuff I am more concerned about the person I love than my own … Continue reading

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My dad taught me

Owning up the responsibility… whatever maybe the consequence have the spine to accept it as your choice ! Dont lie to yourself dont manipulate be what you are Dont regret the good that you did, despite the fact it wasnt … Continue reading

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Honeymoon travels ltd

Awesome dialogue… jo admi na pyar kar sake na pyar samajh sake usse zyada badnaseeb koi nahi

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My dad has been the most forgiving person whom I have met in this lifetime. I say so not cos he is my dad , but cos I know the amount and height of mistakes and blunders that I have … Continue reading

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