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Can someone teach me?

I am a teacher myself. But today I am calling out for help. Can someone please teach me how to live with a mistake?

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My technical advancements

Ok, this post is an update to the one I wrote a few days back. Now I Work on a P4 Windows XP(dont you dare ask me what was I using earlier) Have downloaded Picasa to upload my humungous picture … Continue reading

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Titanic Two the surface: Jack’s back

If the trailer of the sequel of Titanic is anything to go by, it will surely be a rage but not as great as the original. Everyone knows Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) died in the original. But hold your breath he … Continue reading

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Ke bin tere jeena nahi…

Bheed mein bhi hum tanha rahe Tere gum ne yeh halat kar di Kabhi khud ke liye kuch soch sake Itni bhi nahi fursat di Aankhon ke talash jo hai Woh hai tera chehra Dhadkan dil ke paas to hai … Continue reading

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A fateful meeting

Just when my eyes went sore just when the emptiness settled in I meet a soul, confused to the core I thought I had enough myself and there he was, creating a mess of his own he seems to be … Continue reading

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What will letting go mean?

Found some idea online and worked on it. Letting go will not mean that I stop caring it would just be that I would stop showing Letting go will not lead to me cutting myself off from you its just … Continue reading

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You know its true…

everything i do, i do it for you…. I think this is the most romantic line any song could ever come up with. My favourite romantic dialogue however remains the one by Nicholas Cage in the movie City of Angels

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