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A chaotic mind

I actually had to try hard to spell ‘hire’ while writing something. The options that came in my mind… hiar, hayer, hayre… Arggghhhh it was so damn irritating !

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An honest confession of a man

men are like that, that includes me we want to break up but we dont want to dump a chick so we manipulate them make them think its their idea where it is actually ours con them and it works … Continue reading

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Gravity… A perfect circle

Lost again, broken and weary Unable to find my way Tail in hand, dizzy and clearly Unable to just let this go I am surrendering to gravity and the unknown Catch me, heal me, Lift me back up to the … Continue reading

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Most technologically experimental 24 hours

I am a keen learner, but I am very lazy when it comes to doing technical stuff. I have relied a lot on friends to do it for me so far…. And when pushed against the wall, I really took … Continue reading

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I think…

I guess people are able to hurt me and disturb me only cos I let them have this privilege. I am so angry at myself today…

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Roya re… dil roya re

Tanhai sangdil tanhai sang lai yaad teri sang lai baar baar ho bahaar phir se yaad aai sooni sooni raah dil ki jisne ji sajai tanha dil roya re, dil roya re roya re, dil roya re har taraf bikhre … Continue reading

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Maula mere le le meri jaan…

An awesome song from the movie Chak de India. Now even though I havent seen it, I heard this song thanks to Vipin. A beautiful number by Krishna and Salim merchant. Teeja tera rang tha main to jiya tere dhang … Continue reading

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