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Nothing belongs to you !!

Time to detach myself. From materialistic things… From what I feel are mine… From people aswell !!

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Today’s fortune

Our first and last love is.. self-love

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Come on.. everyone bitches, Accept it. But I dont know why only females are blamed for it. I think we atleast have the guts to accept that we bitch, have no qualms in accepting that we do. While on the … Continue reading

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There are some who dont know what that means, some who crib on that concept and some who have no other go but to accept it as it is in abundance 😀 I guess there are pros and cons of … Continue reading

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Hillarious !!

Check this out !! Isnt this the Nokia tune? I love it !!

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Being thankless

Life has been great so far, and oh-so-often I crib about things not being right. Not being the way I would ideally want them to be. Not having my way through it all. But then I wonder how am I … Continue reading

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A shopaholic’s nightmare

Well… Landing up in a market looking for some stuff to be bought and then finding it difficult to recall a single thing that one needs to buy. Trying different things and once you do try them out, you feel … Continue reading

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