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Naked as we came

This is B-E-A-Utiful. Naked as we came from Iron and Wine. Would like to learn how to host these youtube videos on personal(blog) sites. Anybody?

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I, Me, Myself

Just like a book Filled with Chapters Vague yet so clear deep…..with no end….. Two people in one, one happy, one sad, Two sides of me, one mad and one glad. There’s only one side I try not to show; … Continue reading

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Celebrating the loss….

I have learnt to celebrate my sorrows, my losses and above all my defeats. Since childhood, I have always seen my dad doing this, and maybe have picked it up from there. Whenever I expected a thrashing, I was given … Continue reading

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Stock taking

Disclaimer: Rantings of an empty thoughtful mind. With so many people from real life reading my blog, it becomes almost impossible for me to post without any kind of censorship on my thoughts for the fear of being misunderstood or … Continue reading

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Just thought of you today, when I know I shouldnt have Just thought I would let you go, when I know I should have long back Just thought I will smile once for you when I know that all you … Continue reading

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Kar bhala na ho bhala

Many a times people and situations do not turn the way you expect them to. No matter how you have been, what you have done, No matter what you have sacrificed, No matter what bullshit you have forgotten, Life remains … Continue reading

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