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Tongue in cheek humour

It does not get better than this Cheeky humour… apply personal discretion. Hint: Pay attention to the captions… repeat them once or if need be twice, to get what it means.

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Aur phir….

Kehte hai jab kisi afsaane ko anjaam na de sako, to usse ek haseen mod pe laa kar chod dena chahiye. Ankhon se door door, Dil ke paas paas Har lamha judai ka gham Har lamha milne ki aas

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Casino Royale : Latest Bond flick

Ohk so the new bond Daniel Craig does manage to look yummy !! 😛 But what I was really disappointed in was the way this movie became oh-so-predictable for me. If you have seen hundreds of hindi movies and watched … Continue reading

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Not a good habit

I have come to realise that, I, more often than not, lose control over what I speak when I am angry. I use words and sentences that are bound to hurt people at the receiving end. And the worst part … Continue reading

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Mallika I hate you- Tring Tring version

This is the most fundoo song I have ever heard. I remember hearing it for the first time in a friend’s car and I enjoyed it so much that it was repeated atleast 5-6 times during that drive. I ended … Continue reading

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Conflict of values

*As a matter of principle, I avoid blogging about my workplace or my boss or colleagues. This post is in no way directed towards them. After having read my so-called statutory warning, you may continue reading. There is a thought … Continue reading

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John Denver’s Annie’s song

I think this is one of the most romantic songs I have ever heard. A soothing number which almost always relaxes me and manages to bring a smile on my face. I think its a must have for a romantic … Continue reading

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