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Feeling scared

Trying to imagine what future has instore for me, scares the hell out of me. Maybe cos I have some expectations of it to go in a certain way, and if it wont, it will hurt a lot.

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I dont get it

There are a few people who have a problem when something happens. And they also have a problem when something doesnt happen. Cos then their concern is, why it didnt happen !! I dont think any kind of clarfications can … Continue reading

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Happy Diwali !!

Deepawali ki hardik shubh kaamnaye!! P.S. This pic was clicked by me (the hand you see is mine !!) and has been worked upon by this great photographer friend of mine. 🙂

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Lost and smiled

I had this bet in one of my previous posts, which kept motivating me to write a post a day for atleast the next 21 days. I lost it yesterday. I didnt write a post for 19th october. This bet … Continue reading

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Ouch !!

Wishing on birthday is not allowed anymore. Especially when the person whom you are trying to wish, has a gf who doesnt approve of any interaction with you even if it is to wish him on his birthday !! And … Continue reading

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Wrong teachings by the parents

Its a very common sight to see a child getting hurt by falling on the ground or getting hit by some object and the parent comes rushing and pacifies the child by hitting the object or the ground almost as … Continue reading

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I have finally become a lecturer !! yeah yeah !! 😀

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