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ICT Education in Pre-service Teacher Education Programme in Delhi

Teachers lie at the core of any living society. They are important mediators of social change, social reconstruction and social rejuvenation. A teacher’s role is not only that of the leader of the children but of the guide to the … Continue reading

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Globalisation and Educational challenges

Globalisation is a qualitatively new phenomenon of multi-dimensional nature posing a variety of complex trends in the economic, social and cultural fabrics of all societies. It impacts on all conceivable facets of life, including education. Consequently, education services are naturally … Continue reading

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Pathetic administration of Delhi University colleges

I have completed three degrees, one bachelors and two masters, from Delhi University and I have got a taste of thier pathetic administration way too much. Firstly, they dont work on saturdays, which effectively is an off for most people … Continue reading

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I just decided to give my mini reviews about the restaurants I visit frequently and their speciality to help others pick and choose places for eating out in delhi. This time I went to Flavours. Flavours is located right next … Continue reading

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Small gestures in life…

Its very rare that people pay attention to little gestures that others extend. And those who do, can only appreciate its beauty. The feeling that you get when you bring that special smile on others face through small acts of … Continue reading

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I finally own this

Its a great feeling. First the domain name, and now the server space. I own it all finally !! I thank both the persons, one, who bought this domain name for me long back and the other, who hosted my site … Continue reading

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Finally back online !!!

Owing to technically-challenged skills of this friend of mine, this site is finally up, albeit slightly later than expected. … cheers !!

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