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Violence against females, children & elderly and related issues of Mental Health

“Less visible, but even more widespread, is the legacy of day-to-day, individual suffering. It is the pain of children who are abused by people who should protect them, women injured or humiliated by violent partners, elderly persons maltreated by their … Continue reading

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Addicted to Shopping

If I could have my way, I would wear a new set of clothes every day. I have a neat (read huge) collection but I still insist that I can make room for a few more. And these big malls … Continue reading

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Role of Gender in lives of Adolescents with disability

Most Indian women, particularly from poor homes, lead an existence of extreme subordination with very little control over their lives. So women who are disabled not only face the usual gender discrimination but also discrimination due to their disability. From … Continue reading

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Bad Bad

I am not liking this. Office is making life hectic and leaving less time for me and my blogging. Especially getting up at 8 in the morning is not amusing me. Something needs to be fixed. But what? ummm…..

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Wake me up … No no no no

Thats a modified version of the song by WHAM which suits me perfectly. I hate waking up unnaturally with someone calling out my name. The very fact that I had not woken up myself means I had not finished my … Continue reading

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There you go…

Nanhi Munni Varshi with Vinnie (my elder sis). My college gang at IHC, Gunjan is amiss as she is busy clicking. Starting your left – Neha, Me, Ritika and Shikha

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Think before you presume

One should not only mind what one utters to others, but also what one thinks about others. And I just got a taste of it myself. Its pretty easy to make presumptions, to nurture a misunderstanding, but one really needs … Continue reading

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