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Yaadon ka Basera

Humara saath pal bhar ka hi sahi, par woh pal aise the jaise koi kal nahi zindagi ki raahon mein shayad na phir milna ho kabhi Par mehakti rahengi tumhari yaadein mujh mein hamesha hi Din jo dhal gaye hai … Continue reading

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Not worth it

I hate this blog

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Nice thought :-)

Easiest way to get over an addiction is to get another one !!

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France is doomed

Zidanne gets a red card in his last world cup. huh This world cup has come up with such unexpected moments. Italy deserves the cup.

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Smile plz… what for?

Someone once said Your smile can melt an iceberg But then I wonder, why couldnt it melt you…. yes you !!

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I dread tomorrow

I really wish, tomorrow never comes. Please god please !!

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Fooled you !!

Its very easy. All you need to do is put a mask of smile even when you are not happy and it will go unnoticed. I did it and it worked!!

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