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A humble beginning

For a long time, me and a friend of mine had wished to start an educational portal. But the plan never really took off. Then I got this brilliant idea of using this site as a means to meet my … Continue reading

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Schizophrenia: A Universal Ailment ?

Like cholera, typhoid and more recently, chicken flu, schizophrenia is another plague endemic to this world. Rather left to me, I would say it is an ailment plaguing ALL the peoples of this world and only a peculiarly few are … Continue reading

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Got this in mail. And I swear its worth a read. A man wanted to buy his son a parrot as a birthday present. The next day he went to the pet shop and saw three identical parrots in a … Continue reading

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Leaves you speechless

Very few people and very few situations in life leave us speechless and in awe of the person or the situation. At times it makes us wonder if the person actually belongs to this era. This is an excerpt from … Continue reading

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Excuse me??

It amuses me more than it amazes me that a person from microsoft actually landed on my site only to write an abuse on a post !! Come on, I could have done better… And ofcourse they never have the … Continue reading

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The post I had written about Oralift sometime back, has landed itself for being displayed on their official website under ‘Links to other websites about Oralift Facial Rejuvenation’. Check it out !!

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Getting personal? Not any more

Past few weeks, ok ok…maybe for a long time now I have been making a public display of my displeasures and irritation from people and life in general. I have many people from my real world reading my feelings and … Continue reading

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