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The trauma is over !!

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Aishwarya Provoked

I am not one of her ardent fans, but I dont mind accepting the fact that she did wonders in the song ‘Kajra re’. Agreed she has been a miss on our bollywood front lately, but then, she finally seems … Continue reading

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My first attempt at urdu hindi mix poetry. Log kehte hai humsa khushnaseeb koi kaha hoga jisse udne ko khule asmaan ki kami tak nahi Hum kehte hai humsa muzrim kahan dekha hoga jise apne kiye jurm ka ilm tak … Continue reading

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It sucks !!

Its frustrating when you want to reach out to someone, talk and be with them, but certain issues and circumstances just dont let you. Thats the irony of the situation. You want to, but you cant !

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Bluffmaster: Borrowed background score

Saw Bluffmaster for the first time. I am not too sure if other people have noticed that in the movie whenever Priyanka Chopra comes on screen, the background score that was played was actually the song “Bitter sweet symphony’ by … Continue reading

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David Beckham: Blame it on tradition

Caught kissing? No problems. Blame it on custom. In certain cultures not kissing twice is considered rude. And Spain is one such place. And this was the defence used by David Beckham when he was caught kissing a girl in … Continue reading

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Happiness and Bliss

Me: Did you derive happiness out of the work you did? Dad: Tell me the difference between happiness and bliss? Me: ?????? Sis: I think you need counselling What is it that diffrentiates happiness from the state of complete bliss? … Continue reading

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