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The Art of Losing

No I didnt commit a spelling mistake…I do not intend to write on the “Art of Living”. I remember listening to the poem The Art of Losing (isnt hard to master) by Elizabeth Bishop in the movie “In her shoes” … Continue reading

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Hell no !! You just got it wrong. This isnt any educational post. Life is so funny….I hated the subject history in school and today its the past that i hate the most !! So I guess our future likes … Continue reading

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Ahem Ahem !!

Within 24 hours (for that matter even less than that…. damn I am actually keeping a count of that …tch tch !!) of my site being up, I got my first request of linking a friend’s blog through my site. … Continue reading

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Within 10 hours of having my own site… i was regretting the damn decision of having one. Now i can so relate with people who crib when people ask questions about their blogs or websites. But the fact that its … Continue reading

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Calling it Quits…

Her smile dried long back And Innocence left way behind Emotions were all forged when Life lost its essence in its foray Silence started screaming for a life No words no acts no people Could give solace to her soul … Continue reading

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Finally !!

Finally I enter the world of Blogging. That too with a big bang 🙂 Thanks Sushubh for all the help !! Here you will find some stupid comments on life in general, my choice of music, field of Education and … Continue reading

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Nature at play…

Ran from the world incessantly Far from the maddening crowd Needed to break free from the monotony of life Away from the echoes of its agony and bliss Life was just getting uneasy and here I went On a lookout … Continue reading

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