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Masti ki Pathshala

Yes teachers have fun too. Infact we had a blast� at CIE, Delhi University. I am not allowed to post pictures here. Infact till date I never knew that it was� disabled from the server itself 😆 Anyways, here is … Continue reading

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I hate lizards or let me put it in a better way… I am scared of lizards 😮 And� I have one in my room right now� thanks to my mom 😥 Thanks to her now� I� cant sleep in … Continue reading

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Balancing Act

Trying to balance� studies with my work is leaving me imbalanced. Dont seem to be doing justice to either of them.� Neither my boss is too happy nor my teachers in the college. What the hell 😡 Studying and working … Continue reading

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If music be the food of love… then play on !

I dont remember that quote well…. so any error is sincerely regretted. But my only request would be to play pakistani music. Cos thats what I am listening to these days. Big time. I dont mind either� given the only … Continue reading

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Shopping as a mood elevator

Its a bad� bad bad idea !! And who would know this better than me. Every pang of stress leaves a big hole in my pocket. And I feel so helpless after doing all that shopping. My dad tells me … Continue reading

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Bekraar kar ke hume yun na jaiye

Aapko humari kasam laut aaiye… One of the best numbers by Hemant from the movie Bees Saal Baad. Just love listening to it. And goes well with my life too 🙂

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My stomach is a graveyard

No I am not saying this. But my boss choses to believe so. According to her the place where dead go is the graveyard. So, technically speaking my stomach is� the house for the dead� cos I m a hardcore … Continue reading

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